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The Perfect Coffee Makers for Coffee Nerds

2 min read

Coffee has changed a lot over the years. Before there was just black and hot which is an acceptable way to order a cup of coffee in the morning. However, these days coffee lovers are offered with many new options like you have to know what a “Pacamara” is or expected to identify some different types of foreign coffee that you’ve never heard before when ordering in a fancy coffee shop. Although this kind of change makes the life of a simple coffee lover a bit hard, however, for coffee snobs and coffee nerds, change is good.

Perhaps sometimes having a coffee nerd friend makes you feel a little bit weird. A coffee nerd is someone who is properly educated on the finer points of coffee. It is about being passionate and informed about the beloved coffee beans. This is why some people don’t get them easily. If you happen to have a coffee nerd friend and you would want to give a gift as a thank you present for always making your conversations interesting over a cup of coffee, the best thing to give him or her is, of course, a coffee maker. There are tons of coffee makers these days with promising features, however, coffee nerds don’t just settle for a regular coffee maker, so what would be the best coffee maker for a person who has a deep passion in coffee? Here are some of the best models:

  •  Aeropress Coffee Maker –A ThinkGeek product that makes a terrific cup of coffee and comes in an affordable price.

  • Chemex 8-Cup Coffee Maker – It’s one of the few coffee makers that makes superb cup of coffee. It gives that effortless brewing for every busy folk.

  • Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder – A good grind makes a great coffee. It’s an all-around home grinder that can do different home brew methods. It has 40 individual grind settings from coarse to very fine.

Even though coffee snobs or coffee nerds are meticulous in their coffee drinking, there are still many options to choose from. Soon, you’ll find the perfect coffee maker for your adorable coffee nerdy friend. Check out for the best coffee maker in town.

All Best Coffee Makers

Why You Should Buy A Single Cup Coffee Maker For Your Home Or Office

4 min read


          Who doesn't love a fresh cup of coffee in the morning? It has become a daily routine for some to have a sip of a freshly brewed coffee before heading off to the office or going to school. Unfortunately when they make coffee, the rest is often forgotten and left to sit at home. Nobody would want to drink coffee that has been sitting there for a while so it is usually replaced by a fresh one. This might not be a problem to some, but it is considered a waste of a perfectly good coffee as well as money. This is where single cup coffee makers shine. This is the best coffee maker for you if you only need a single cup of coffee since it gives you great tasting coffee while removing the hassle of pouring the leftover coffee down the drain.



         This is one of the main reasons why you should buy a single cup coffee maker. Making just one cup of coffee leads to having a freshly brewed, piping hot coffee anytime you want without having to make a full pot or measuring the needed portions to make just one. These aren't just useful at home. They can also be brought to the office so you can offer coffee to your clients without trying to guess if the pot has been there for an hour or a half a day. No one wants stale coffee. With a single cup coffee maker, you can be sure that your clients will have fresh coffee all the time. Not only that, they also allow you to choose from a wide variety of hot beverages. You can offer them tea, hot chocolate, or simply a different tasting coffee. No need to use another coffee maker. In just a minute you can have a coffee or tea at your hand. When you're in a room full of coffee drinkers, there's often bound to be a debate on which coffee tastes the best. This removes the trouble of picking one flavor and allows everyone to have any drink that they want.       


     Worried about cleanup? No problem. The single cup coffee maker allows for easier cleaning than traditional coffee makers. Most traditional coffee makers need a filter and ground coffee which is often messy. When you're done brewing you would need to remove the filter and empty the basket to keep the taste from changing.



        Coffee pots are also troublesome for people who are always on the go. You need to clean them often to remove the stains left over after brewing. With a single cup coffee maker, you can forget about all these cleanup problems. You just need to put the pod or K-cup, brew, then throw the cup in the trash once you are done. Isn't that great? No filters to remove, no coffee grounds, just the pod. Your favorite mug will replace the pots and the coffee will pour directly to it. Less hassle, more options, fresh hot coffee without any wasted cups. These are the reasons why you should buy a single cup coffee maker.

            There are plenty of coffee makers to choose from. If you're deciding to buy one, you can buy the Keurig B145 Home Office Pro Brewer. Or you can just visit where you can find the best coffee makers for just the right price. No matter what you choose, you'll know that you will have a perfect cup of coffee all the time without the mess that comes with it.

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5 Reasons Why Coffee Lovers Prefer Suncana Coffee Brewer in Their Home

3 min read


           Mornings are made even more perfect when you have a cup of coffee by your side while reading the morning paper. It gives you the buzz you need to stay up even when your mind wants to sleep a couple more hours. No wonder most modern household have a coffee maker in their kitchen. Coffee makers can brew coffee quickly and they require less effort to operate. Ask any coffee lover if they have a machine at home and their answer will probably be yes. If you're a coffee lover and still have no coffee maker at home, it might be good to invest in one right now.

             With a lot of coffee makers in the market today, it can be quite difficult for a regular consumer to choose which coffee maker is right for them. It's only right that a coffee lover have the best coffee maker that suits them perfectly. That is why coffee lovers prefer the Suncana Coffee Brewer. Aside from the usual features like water level indicator and lcd display which are expected in any coffee machine these days, here are 5 more reasons why coffee lovers prefer the Suncana Coffee Brewer for their home.


1. You can save power with its power saver mode

The Suncana Coffee Machine has a power saver mode feature which helps avoid unnecessary usage of power. Some people don't want to spend money on coffee machines because they add to the power consumption in the house. But with the Power Saver Mode, you can be sure that electricity consumption of the machine is only at a minimum.


2.  More pods available for use in their pod drawer

Their patented pod drawer will work with all kinds of pods. Try out different coffees by switching the coffee pods. It can also be used to prepare tea by using a tea pod for the pod drawer.


3. You can program all kinds of things in the settings

This machine has a programmable setting for the power. You can choose to set it up to turn on at a specific time and shut it off after.  It also allows you to set the volume of coffee you need. Choose from either 3(CCC) or 5 (cUL,UL).


4. The drip tray can be removed

This one is self explanatory. A removable drip tray lets you pour freshly brewed coffee on larger to-go cups. Have a hot coffee on the go. Just put it in the coffee maker in grab the to-go cup when you leave for work.


5. It heats up your coffee almost instantly

Often times we get caught up with other things that we forget that we brewed a pot of coffee. You end up getting left with coffee that has already cooled. With the instant heat boiler of Suncana Brewer,  you won't have to wait a long time to recover the heat and quickly get another hot cup of coffee.


            The Suncana Coffee Pod Brewer not only has those features that coffee lovers love, but it also brews a delicious tasting coffee consistently. Behind all that, a great tasting coffee is the number one thing coffee lover want in a coffee machine. Order one for yourself by checking out



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Reminders in Repairing Your Coffee Maker

4 min read

Coffee makers have become an essential household appliance especially with many people today becoming coffee drinkers. Other than the fact they can easily have that delightful java to perk up their mornings, coffee maker owners are able to save money from buying coffee on the go from coffee shops. Just imagine if their trusty brewer suddenly breaks on them.


Once a coffee maker breaks, most owners would resort to shopping a new one pronto! Well, you should not fall into such immediate actions. While it can be a sound solution especially if the repair would cost more than a new coffee maker, you should still check it out. It is best for you to know how to repair it even by yourself. But before you can become a pro in fixing your coffee maker, you must first understand how it works.


How a Coffee Maker Works

Two types of coffee makers are commonly used in households: the drip coffee maker and the percolator. The drip coffee maker drips hot water through the coffee ground once. The percolator, on the other hand, recycles the water as it goes through the coffee ground over and over.


A drip coffee maker is activated by switching it on and, today, with the help of timers. You can control the water heating and the brewing. Coffee just falls into the carafe, a small kettle like pitcher that is placed on a heating element that keeps the coffee warm.


The percolator heats a small amount of water. The formed steam pushes the water on a tube placed inside its center where it soaks up the coffee grounds. A thermostat will tell if the coffee is ready to serve as it turns the percolator off.


How to Secure Safety in Fixing Your Brewer


Most brewers today run using electricity. After understanding how a coffee maker works, the next would be to know how to secure your safety and your machine, from any accidents.

1.      Turn off the machine and unplug it. Even if the machine is turned off, electricity runs through it. Working on a plugged electric appliance can cause you a slight electric shock.

2.      Work with a rubber mat. This will protect you further from electric shock.

3.      Understand how test probes or multi-tester works. This is one tool that can help determine which parts needs replacement.

4.      Ask an electrician for help in replacing some parts. If you need to replace a fuse, a conductor, or a chip, it is best to ask for professional help.

5.      Avoid using a magnetized screw driver in removing screws. Magnets can cause mishaps on chips. Be very careful in using your tools.


The Areas to Check

Repairing a coffee maker doesn’t need to be hard. You just need to know what areas you need to constantly check. These are parts that have important functions in your brewer.

     The on and off switch

     The thermostat

     The heating elements

     The warming elements


There are many coffee makers that are now easier to maintain and repair. You can easily understand their functions thanks to their user friendly features. You can catch new models at and even discover the best coffee maker for you with their reviews. Just remember to become more familiar with the coffee maker you are using and learn how to maintain and fix it.



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Bunn A10 8 Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer Review

2 min read

There's something quite wonderful about holding on to tradition.  For instance, when it comes to brewing coffee, it is hard to beat a name as established as BunnCoffee makers branded with that name have been known to be abused year in and year out and they just keep on brewing great cups of coffee.  This reputation makes the Bunn A10  8-Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer an interesting piece to consider when buying something for the home or office setting.


Is it a great buy?


Aside from its brand, the A10 has a lot of things going for it.  It has been around for years and the fact that it still is a sought after model speaks largely about its durability.  Looking at the features, there are several that stand out.


1.  It can quickly brew up to eight 6-ounce cups per batch. As long as more water is added, it would continue to brew coffee. You don’t have to wait long for a fresh cup whenever you feel like it.


2.  It has no problem keeping your coffee at the most ideal temperature for consumption.  This makes it a great coffee maker for the office where anyone could use a cup of coffee any time of the day.



Or should you say bye?


Not everything about the A10 is perfect though.  Like other coffee makers out there, it also has its downsides.  For one, it's not something you should buy if you only need a few cups of coffee in a day for the whole household.  It is just not practical.  Also, the boxy design may not really mesh with more modern-looking kitchen appliances.


With all these pros and cons, are you going to buy or say bye?


Well, aside from the aesthetic (which is mainly subjective) and the practical issues, this coffee maker is a great buy.  It is a tried and tested brand.  It can fix up a great batch of steaming coffee promptly. You can also check for it online stores like that offer this coffee maker. You can read reviews about this coffee maker from customers who already bought this product.