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Bunn A10 8 Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer Review

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There's something quite wonderful about holding on to tradition.  For instance, when it comes to brewing coffee, it is hard to beat a name as established as BunnCoffee makers branded with that name have been known to be abused year in and year out and they just keep on brewing great cups of coffee.  This reputation makes the Bunn A10  8-Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer an interesting piece to consider when buying something for the home or office setting.


Is it a great buy?


Aside from its brand, the A10 has a lot of things going for it.  It has been around for years and the fact that it still is a sought after model speaks largely about its durability.  Looking at the features, there are several that stand out.


1.  It can quickly brew up to eight 6-ounce cups per batch. As long as more water is added, it would continue to brew coffee. You don’t have to wait long for a fresh cup whenever you feel like it.


2.  It has no problem keeping your coffee at the most ideal temperature for consumption.  This makes it a great coffee maker for the office where anyone could use a cup of coffee any time of the day.



Or should you say bye?


Not everything about the A10 is perfect though.  Like other coffee makers out there, it also has its downsides.  For one, it's not something you should buy if you only need a few cups of coffee in a day for the whole household.  It is just not practical.  Also, the boxy design may not really mesh with more modern-looking kitchen appliances.


With all these pros and cons, are you going to buy or say bye?


Well, aside from the aesthetic (which is mainly subjective) and the practical issues, this coffee maker is a great buy.  It is a tried and tested brand.  It can fix up a great batch of steaming coffee promptly. You can also check for it online stores like that offer this coffee maker. You can read reviews about this coffee maker from customers who already bought this product.